Instructions for searching

The search form allows you to search for any field or, to narrow your search, to several fields together. For example, if you search for Last Name: Athill, you will get many Athills in the results. If you search for Last Name: Athill and First Name: John, you will get fewer results.

Subject refers to the type of transaction (for example, sale of land).

Detail refers to the person or parties involved in the transaction (for example, To John Camacho). It is less useful than other fields for searching but will give you additional information in the results.

Year refers to the year of the transaction as recorded from the document.

Page refers to the page in the volume where the transaction can be found.

Location No refers to the volume where the transaction is recorded. This is where the archivist will go to find the pages you are looking for.

Dates refers to the dates covered by the particular volume.

The search function is not sensitive to case, so you can use upper or lower case in your search.

You can also search for partial words in the fields Last Name, First Name, Subject, and Year. You do this by putting blank spaces at the beginning or end of the word. This is useful because some names are spelled several ways (example: Camacho and Camache–so you could enter Cam   ). In the same way, some subjects are described slightly differently but are really the same thing (example: sale and sales—so you can enter sale  ).